Solar power pump and permaculture farm in rural village.

Uganda has been independent since 1962, but the government structure is still changing and many people have no access to basic water and sanitation facilities. Access to safe water supplies and hygiene throughout Uganda is limited to less than half of the country.  Although the number of people with access to safe water and sanitation has improved over the past 10 years, there are still many communities (both rural and urban) that rely on contaminated water sources such as streams and open wells. More than half of all residents in Uganda do not have access to improved sanitation, sharing overcrowded pit latrines or practicing open defecation.

Wristsponsible is working with the Freedom in Creation to implement sustainable water and food projects throughout Uganda. Freedom in Creation runs a highly productive farm and school program in Gulu uganda.

“Africa’s longest war” has affected northern Uganda for over two decades. In the last few years it has been pushed into neighboring countries where crimes against humanity continue at the hands of the brutal Lord’s Resistance Army. While the people in northern Uganda are now experiencing relative peace, the traumas of war remain and long-term healing is needed.

Our projects with Freedom in Creation inspires healthy sustainable community with art, water and global education. Through grassroots community development, we empower youth and women with art as therapy and entrepreneurship education, enabling them to bring vital resources to their communities. Connecting development programs with international classrooms, we enrich global education with participatory and service learning.  This video gives a nice overview to the breadth of involvement to empower the Uganda youth.