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Our Story


The story began…

when Kevin took a trip to install a water system in Nepal. After raising funds to implement water systems in Nepal via charity golf tournaments, Kevin was awestruck about how small amounts of money could be deployed to implement long term, sustainable water systems.  Kevin realized it did not take millions of dollars to make tangible impact in the lives of others and became determined to create something that could support more water projects around the world. While on this trip to Nepal, Kevin met a team of artisans that made beautiful hand-crafted goods.  Kevin realized he could buy the goods from the artisans, sell them to people through the internet, and then reinvest the profits into water projects. From this idea, Wristsponsible was born.

The core focus around Wristsponsible is to implement safe water projects around the world.  Wristsponsible works with grass roots charities that understand the ideal solution needed for the local communities, and then provides the fundraising and project management to get the job done.  While implementing safe water projects, Kevin also realized there was a major void for other water projects around watershed improvement efforts and water is medicine projects. Wristsponsible now supports all three water initiatives around one core concept: we are all connected by water.

As a charity startup, Wristsponsible finds ways to collaborate with a range of partners to accomplish specific goals.  Both schools and businesses have found unique ways to partner with Wristsponsible to get involved with helping others. Through grass roots projects and service learning opportunities, Wristsponsible helps you make a tangible difference one Wristsponsible Act at a time.

Wristsponsible has provided over $10,000 of economic empowerment to female artisans and contributed over $50,000 to water projects around the world.  We are determined to be a force for good and welcome collaborative new ideas. 

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