Access to safe water and a clean environment quickly turns problems into opportunity - enabling populations to thrive.

As opposed to implementing water projects that sound good on paper, we ensure that we bring the ideal solution for the local community needs.  Today we focus on a range of projects to address the local water problems. These include water treatment systems, watershed restoration and permaculture food farms.

Water treatment: 1 in 9 people lack access to safe water across the world. Consuming dirty water cripples a community’s ability to develop out of poverty, cascading into numerous health and economic problem. Wristsponsible implements sustainable water treatment systems that produce high volumes of safe water. This water can be used for cooking, cleaning and sold to enable a social enterprise.

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Watershed restoration: With 7.3 billion people in the world and 9.0 billon expected by 2050, the world resources are strained.  The water sheds that bring life into our society are being deteriorated at an alarming rate due to deforestation and pollution. Wristsponsible implements water restoration projects that restore water embankments, plant animal nests and educate communities on how to maintain a healthy watershed.

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Permaculture: Nearly 24 million people live in food deserts in the United States.  With limited options, many people living in food deserts get meals from fast-food restaurants. Wristsponsible implements permaculture food farms that transforms desert land into high producing farm land. This makes it easier and healthier for low income people to get access to food.