Deep Blue

Deep Blue


Water excites you.  Water is special to you.  Most importantly, water spurs your curiosity.  The Deep Blue band is for someone who likes to dig deep into the larger issues in the world and the complexity of the inner blue mind.  The Deep Blue thinker goes beyond the surface questions. We explore the relationship between man and water and ask questions like: Where did this water come from?  How do I feel when I spend time by the water?  Why do people love water?  Why do people fight over water?

As the world is covered in 97% water and the human brain is 75% water, the connection between man, earth and water is still massively misunderstood.  There is an intricate link between our relationship water that are only beginning to understand.

Proceeds from this band support H2OpenDoors.  H2OpenDoors works to bring sustainable water solutions to developing communities around the world.

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