Our Purpose is to provide safe water, jobs, and empowerment to those in need



In villages around the world, over 900 million people drink and use bacteria filled water every day.  Because of this, 3.5 million people die every year, including 1.5 million children, simply because they use contaminated water.  Wristsponsible seeks to end this crisis by raising money to fund water purification projects

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The purchase of a Wristsponsible wristband not only helps to fund water purification projects around the world, but it also creates employment opportunities for local people.  We employ hundreds of workers around the world that help us create these beautiful bands.  Each band is carefully handcrafted using only quality, sustainable, materials to ensure only the finest of quality.    

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At Wristsponsible, we are privileged to have partners that share our passion and vision for water purification projects. Our partners bring expertise, enthusiasm, and motivation that will help us end the global water crisis. Together, we are providing clean water to nearly every corner of the world, helping every person we can.

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