Become a Wristsponsible Ambassador

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Wristsponsible Ambassador!  We represent the water lovers, world travelers and global citizens.  By becoming an “Ambassador” you would be joining a community of people that represent us in their daily lives.  We want people who will explore and spread the world of water.

Here is what you get:

Four times a year you will receive a Wristsposible package.  This box may contain new bands, clothing, stickers.  We also invite you to online forums where you can give your feedback on upcoming designs and campaigns.

What we ask of you:

Post pictures of you and your friends wearing Wristsponsible products.

Have an active social media account with Wristsponisble ambassador in your bio.

Follow all our social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).

Be engaged on our social media by liking and commenting on our pictures/posts.

Help organize participation in one event per year at a local venue.  This can be a local sustainability, environmental or school fair.  Wristsponsible will provide all marketing materials and help cover costs associated with the event.

Create posts a minimum twice per month on your personal page of Wristsponsible.

Share our social media to your friends and family.

Please email us at to become an ambassador!

Disclaimer: This is not a paid position, nor will there be any sort of monetary transaction. This is just a way for us to connect with our loyal customer base.


Meet a few of our Wristsponsible ambassadors in the wild!



I was born and raised in South Central Colorado in a town called Alamosa. The town sits in the center of the San Luis Valley, which is surrounded on all sides by multiple mountain ranges, and so I spent most of my childhood outdoors and surrounded by nature. I've always been an avid mountain biker, rock climber, skiier, and backpacker. Regardless of the sport it always involved the environment, and most importantly water. Water is the substance that helps pack the trails I ride on, carve the canyons I climb, form the pillows of snow that I ski, and it is the most important thing to me when I'm camping 50 miles away from any civilization. This is why I choose to represent Wrisponsible, because it gives me an opportunity to give back to those in need as well as represent my values of responsibility, integrity, and environmentalism.



I am a junior from Pendleton South Carolina.  I'm passionate in everything I do and I'm a huge adventurer!  I love going to the beach, hanging out on the lake with my friends, kayaking, and discovering new places.  Helping other is something that I love to do.  I always supported local charities in my hometown such as NHS, but I also wanted to do something more.  Wristponsible works with a lot of inspirational international water projects in Africa.  It made me upset that people don’t have access to safe drinking water, so I wanted to do my part to help out!  I now help spread the word and help host events around my hometown.  It is exciting to help bring water to those around the world.


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