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One water. One world.
One mission.

Let’s implement water solutions together.


Wristsponsible is a global movement actively implementing water solutions while empowering individuals to work together for a more Wristsponsible world.

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We are all connected by water. From the water we drink to the water we enjoy for leisure, water unites everything we do. At Wristsponsible it is our mission to create funds and awareness for all water issues. We support water projects that include ‘Safe Water’ ‘Watershed Improvement’ and ‘Water Is Medicine’


We cannot solve the worlds water issues alone.We are fortunate to have partners that share our passion and vision for water projects. Our partners bring expertise, enthusiasm, and motivation that will help implement sustainable water projects


With every purchase of a Wristsponsible band, we create financial capital for water projects while also fueling a vibrant supply chain for female artisans. Every Wristsponsible band is hand crafted using sustainable materials by female artisans in Nepal and Africa. The Wristsponsible band lives on your wrist to remind you to pay it forward every day.


Wristsponsible provide service learning opportunities with real world impacts. We help teachers and students raise awareness about the global water crisis while taking action to provide funds for a water, sanitation, and hygiene education project for a partner school in the developing world.


We are all connected by water


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