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Wristsponsible Education

Wristsponsible works with our education partner, H2O for Life, to provide a service-learning opportunity for schools that helps teachers and students raise awareness about the global water crisis while taking action to provide funds for a water, sanitation, and hygiene education project for a partner school in the developing world.

Our service-learning opportunities are designed to engage, educate, and inspire youth to become global citizens. Our innovative school-to-school approach helps young people develop a concern for others by taking a major global crisis and scaling it down to a manageable size; one water project in the developing world. Through the service learning opportunity, we provide, students learn that they can make a tangible difference for the students in their partner school.

Wristsponsible Educational Workshops Include:

  • In person speaking engagement from water subject matter experts.

  • Hands on activities around water.

  • Skype discussion with Question and Answer from water subject matter experts.

  • Skype discussion with communities in need of water solution

  • Exchange of pen pal letters, pictures and videos with the recipients of the water projects

Wristsponsible Approved Water Books:

  • Water is Water (1st-3rd grade)

  • Just Add Water (3-5th grade)

  • A Long Walk for Water (5-8th grade)

  • Blue Mind, Great Lakes Water Wars, Death & Life of Great Lakes (high school)

To explore lesson plans for your specific classroom needs, please visit :