Wristsponsible Partners

Businesses plays an essential role into the success of our charity partners.  We work with a range of sustainable businesses and help businesses do good. Our business partners either built their business models around doing good while making money and/or support our charity partners to ensure success of the water projects.

We allow you to align your business to showcase to both customers and employees that your company is committed to making a difference in the world.  We provide resources to help you communicate your support and impact, including facts about the global water crisis, stories of the people whose lives have been transformed by safe water, photos, videos, graphics and more.

No matter what the size of your business, your business can empower communities with access to safe water, give hope, health and the opportunity for a bright future to people around the world.

If you are a sustainable business or a company that wants to join our network of water charities and sustainable businesses, please contact us here.


Shore Buddies

Shore Buddies are stuffed animals made from recycled material. Our Mission is to save marine life and keep plastics out of the Oceans.  With every purchase, $1 is contributed to support clean ocean initiatives around the world.



Yuhme is the world’s most eco-friendly reusable water bottle with a purpose.  Every water bottle sold contributes 6 months of clean water to someone in the Central African Republic.  The Yuhme water bottle is made from 100% sugarcane which is a renewable resource that is CO2 negative & fully recyclable.  The water bottle is free from all toxins such as Bisphenol A, Phthalates, and additives.


Cardiff Bamboo

Cardiff® is a company built on environmental awareness & living sustainably. Cardiff offers sustainably sourced sunglasses and watches made of non-plastic materials such as bamboo.  The goal of Cardiff is to build a community around living consciously and giving back to Mother Earth.


Adventure Hydrology

Water Science meets Adventure.  If you are looking to explore our world, quench your wanderlust, and learn about this amazing planet we all call home, then welcome to Adventure Hydrology.   Using the lens of adventure, water scientist Chris Wolff is wandering around our big blue planet to show us why water is the most important resource we have.  Join the adventure and explore melting glaciers, cross arid deserts, climb snowcapped mountains and experience the awesome journey everywhere in between.  


Nets of Wonder

The Nets of Wonder celebrate our human connection to water and its many physical, psychological and spiritual benefits by displaying and giving the perfect gift of gratitude.   Nets of Wonder use a variety of sustainable and eco-friendly materials for items including keychains, zipper pulls, and whimsical decor. As extension of the Blue Marble project, you must hold the blue marble up and look into it; imagining what the world looks like from a thousand miles away.  Just a ball of water that we all share.


Purely Zen Water Art

Purely Zen Water Art is a southern California beach artist, deeply inspired by the magic of the ocean and beach vibes. The art is inspired by the surroundings and passion for beauty, nature and spirituality of the water.   The watercolor art is displayed on recycled cotton rag which portrays the soft ocean vibe.


Small Town Big Family

The spirit of a small town runs deep throughout all of us.  Whether it was the local street you lived on or the friendships you started as a kid, these small-town roots run deep through our core. Small Town Big Family sells sustainably sourced fashion apparel that is built around this sense of local community.