Water Efficiency in Florida with Deirdre Irwin

What is the status of water efficiency in Florida? 

Because Florida experiences some of the highest amounts of rainfall in the United States, this creates a breadth of water opportunities and water challenges for Florida. In this podcast with Deirdre Irwin, the Water Conservation Coordinator at the St Johns River Water Management District, we learn about issues of water efficiency as it pertains to water runoff in urban environments and widespread irrigation for farming. Deirdre will help us answer questions such as: What are the risks to the aquifers? What storm water rules exist to prevent excessive run offs? And what strategies can be imposed to ensure a healthy watershed for all water users? 

While businesses and farming operations play a significant role in the Florida watershed story, the individual households also play a significant role. It may seem insignificant, but you will learn about what you as the individual can do to make an impact on the water shed environment. Some ideas, such as washing your jeans a few less times a year or skipping a week of watering you lawn, can make a significant impact on the watershed if everyone works together.

Deirdre is a true water advocate that shows us how the St. Johns River Management District lives true to their mission, which is “to protect our natural resources and support Florida’s growth by ensuring the sustainable use of Florida’s water for the benefit of the people of the District and the state.”
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Kevin Sofen